We are committed to the wonderful art and craft of woodturning! Although this journey of turning involves frequent detours and trips to the wood burning pile, each completed piece carries with it many hours of care and attention.

Most of the works on this site began with me trudging through a field or the woods with a woodturning sidekick to harvest wood from fallen trees. We have been very fortunate to meet some very generous people willing to share a little wood. Fortunately, as a woodturner, we are often interested in the knurly wood which would otherwise be discarded since it often yields beautifully figured turnings. We are always looking for good turning wood and for what we see as a gold mine (burls and other interesting natural wonders).

In 2011, we purchased a lathe which became the beginning of the end of anything that resembled free time. Through the years I have often dabbled in woodworking as time and opportunity allowed, but with Kim’s help in 2011, I dove headfirst into woodturning after purchasing a Jet mini-lathe. The Jet mini-lathe has long since left the shop and has been replaced by a Powermatic. It was as if I had suddenly found my purpose in life and a passion for turning was born. Kim has afforded the time to pursue turning and has joined me in the shop to make smaller gifts and has added to some of the work we are sharing on this site with various surface enhancements and piercing techniques.

We are passionate about both the craft and the art of woodturning and hope you enjoy our work. I would also like to introduce you to our shop foreman, Chip! As you can see he is a real “hands” on sort of manager.